Handy Phrases

Speaking The Language

The French language is the official language in 29 countries around the world, and is natively spoken by over 80 million people. It is the second most widely spoken mother tongue within the European Union. We have compiled some useful words, expressions, phrases and numbers which may help you when visiting Normandy - or any part of the French-speaking World for that matter.

We have also included several phrases from the 1943 edition of the US Army's TM 30-602 French phrase book for GI's in the European Theatre of Operation just in case...as you never know when they might come in handy.

Words & Phrases

English French Pronunciation
Hello Mrs / Mr / Miss Bonjour Madame / Monsieur / Mademoiselle Boh(n)-zhoor mah-dahme / muh-syuhr / mah-dah-mwa-sell
Good Evening Bonsoir Boh(n) swarh
Excuse Me Excusez-moi Ex-kyou-say mwa
Please S'il vous plaît Seal voo play
Thank you Merci Mare-see
Do you speak English Parlez-vous anglais? Par - lay vooz ah(n)-glay?
I speak a little French Je parle un peu français Zhuh parl uhn peh frahn-say
I don't understand Je ne comprends pas Zhuh nuh comp-rond pah
Please speak slowly Parlez l'entement, s'il vous plaît Par-lay lawn-teh-mont, seal voo play
How do you say ____ in French Comment dit-on ____ en français? Come-ahndeet-on ____ ahn frahn-say?
Battleship Cuirassé Kwee-ra-say
Yes Oui Wee
No Non Noh(n)
Where is ____ ? Où est _____ ? Oo ay _____ ?
Fighter Plane Avion de Chasse Av-yang duh shass
Can you help? Pouvez-vous m'aider? Poo-vay voo meh - day?
I would like Je voudrais Zhuhvoo dray
How much? Combien? Cohm bee-e(n)?
Dive Bomber Bombardier Piqueur Bawn-bard-yay pee-kur
Good Bye Au revoir Ah reh-vwarh
Good Bye (See you later) À tout à l'heure Ah toot ah luhr
Good Bye (for good) Adieu Ah-dyooh
Please Repeat Répétez s'il vous plaît Repett-ay s'voo play
What time is it? Quelle heure est il? Keller eh-teel?
Halftrack Semi-chenillé Suh-mee-shuh-nee-yay


English French Pronunciation
0 zéro zey-roh
1 un uhn
2 deux duh
3 trois twah
4 quatre katr
5 cinq sank
6 six seese
7 sept set
8 huit wheet
9 neuf nurf
10 dix deese
11 onze onz
12 douze dooz
13 treize trez
14 quatorze kah-tohrz
15 quinze cans
16 seize sez
17 dix-sept deese-set
18 dix-huit deese-wheet
19 dix-neuf deese-nurf
20 vingt vahn
21 vingt et un van-tey-uhn
22 vingt-deux vahnt-duh
23 vingt-trois vahnt-twah
24 vingt-quatre vahnt-katr
25 vingt-cinq vahnt-sank
30 trente trahnt
40 quarante kah-rahnt
50 cinquante san-kahnt
60 soixante swah-sahnt
70 soixante-dix swah-sahnt-deese
80 quatre-vingts kah-truh-van
90 quatre-vingt-dix kah-truh-van-deese
100 cent sahn
200 deux cents duh sahn
1000 mille meel

Days, Months & Seasons

English French Pronunciation
Monday Lundi Luhn-dee
Tuesday Mardi Mahr-dee
Wednesday Mecredi Mehr-kruh-dee
Thursday Jeudi Zhuh-dee
Friday Vendredi Vahn-druh-dee
Saturday Samedi Sahm-dee
Sunday Dimanche Dee-mahnsh
January Janvier Zhahn-vyey
February Février Fey-vryey
March Mars Mahrs
April Avril Ah-vreel
May Mai Meh
June Juin Zhwan
July Juillet Zhwee-yeh
August Août Ooht
September Septembre Sehp-tahn-bruh
October Octobre Ohk-toh-bruh
November Novembre Noh-vahn-bruh
December Décembre Dey-sahn-bruh
Spring le printemps luh pran-tahn
Summer l'été lay-tay
Autumn/Fall l'automne lo-tohn
Winter l'hiver lee-vehr