Relics & Reminders

Overlord Reminders in Normandy

Traces of Overlord in Normandy

Scattered around the beaches, battlefields and towns of Normandy are countless physical reminders of Operation Overlord. The Atlantic Wall is in great evidence along with numerous vehicles and, of course, the unique remains of the British Mulberry Harbour at Arromanches. The Relics and Reminders detailed here are mostly free to access. For the purposes of completeness, we have included certain sites which in themselves are important historic relics, for example the Atlantic Wall batteries at places like Azeville and Merville. In general, we have not included items included as exhibits within museums, although we have made an exception for Pegasus Bridge.

We would ask that when visiting any of these sites they be treated with respect. Often, much hard work goes into maintaining many of the vehicles, whilst the physical remnants of sites such as the German battery at Longues can be damaged if care is not taken. Some of these sites may also contain hazards - such as jagged metal or loose concrete - so care should always be taken. Vehicles should never be climbed upon.

There are many more sites of interest to be added here as we visit and photograph them, so please check back from time to time. You can also visit our page with the reminders of Operation Overlord in the UK.