Musée de la Libération


Limited parking for a few cars about 100m below the museum.


The are clean, well-maintained toilets within the museum.

Gift Shop

There is a small shop with a limited number of items for sale.

Situated almost 120m above sea level at the top of Mount Roule overlooking Cherbourg, this museum tells the story of the German occupation and the rebuilding of the port. To get to the museum you must navigate a steep and winding gradient, with walking or cycling only for the fittest or most patient. A car is recommended, but there is limited parking at the top and to get to the museum itself still requires and uphill trek of about 100m. However, the scene once you reach the top is fantastic, providing a wonderful view in both directions and down on to the port area itself. You don't have to enter the museum to take in the beautful vista.

The museum itself is less impressive than we had hoped. It is quite modern and minimalist in style with a mix of exhibits ranging from French civilian and Resistance items, to German and Allied military weapons and equipment. Most of the items here can be seen elsewhere in the other Normandy museums, there is nothing especially unique here, and the decriptions of the items where present are generally only in French. There is a nice touch scren display with a timeline of events.

Set inside an old fort, it is situated over two levels there is a lift for those with mobility issues who do manage to reach the top of the Mount. It is worth making the trip if you can, even if jsut for the lovely view over Cherbourg. Probably the most interesting exhibits on dislpay are a German "Goliath" miniature remote control tank, part of the PLUTO pipeline and an American .50 cal machine gun that has been expertly cut away to give a view on the inside workings.

Updated: July 2015

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  • Musée de la Libération
  • Fort du Roule, Montée des Résistants
  • 50100 Cherbourg

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