Batterie de Crisbecq


There is a sizeable, free car park at this museum. It is unpaved but generally flat.


There are toilets available, but are inside the museum boundary.

Gift Shop

There's a small but well-stocked gift shop which also sells refreshments.

We were somewhat uncertain about how to approach places like the Crisbecq Battery and its contemporaries at Azeville, Maisy and Merville along with the German radar facility at Douvres-la-Délivrande. These are all significant historic remains and we felt some unease at reviewing and rating them for that reason. However, as each of the locations is privately owned and an entrance fee required for visitation, we have excluded their individual histories from the review process and judged them as dispassionately as possible as if they were any other museum.

The Batterie de Crisbecq is very well done, and really brought to life with resconstructions within some of the bunkers and life-sized dioramas. Upon arrival you can opt to take an audio guide (photo ID is required) or if preferred a laminated map with text descriptions. The layout of the site is easy to follow, although in some areas the shingle path can be tough on the legs where the stones are deeper.

During the D-Day Anniversary commemorations there are sometimes living history re-enactors staying at the site, so the Battery gets a influx of men in period uniform with their Second World War vehicles. This really adds to the atmosphere. There is another casemate in the field opposite the site, but this unfortuantely cannot be visited.

If visiting the Crisbecq Battery you should also strongly consider taking time to visit Marcouf 44 just across the road. This is the command bunker for the Crisbecq Battery, when some veteran Normandy go-ers will remember as once being free to explore )although only the exterior was accessible). Now in private hands this had undergone some serious restoration.

A new visitor centre is currently being constructed and further bunkers are being excavated, so if you've been here before but not for some time, it may be worth taking another look.

Updated: July 2017

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