Arromanches 360


Arromanches 360 does not have its own parking but a chargeable (seasonal) public parking is nearby.


There are well maintained toilets inside the building.

Gift Shop

There is an excellent gift shop selling a wide range of items, but especially good for books and DVDs.

Whilst not, strictly speaking, a museum in the accepted sense, the Arromanches 360 Circular Cinema is certainly worth visiting. It is a unique experience when visiting the Normandy battlefields, and the views from the cliffs looking down upon the remains of the Mulberry Harbour are enough to warrant making a stop.

There is a car park next to the Cinema, however, as it is a public facility and does not belong to Arromanches 360 itself then payment is required at certain times. Visitors can also park down in the town and walk up the hill to the cliff top. It's not a long walk, but if does get steep in places.

Upon entering the building visitors have the chance to examine a nicely restored wartime jeep whilst waiting for the next appropriate screening. The film is entitled "Normandy's 100 Days" (100 jours de Normandie) and has a running time of 18 minutes. Previous visitors who have not been to the Cinema since before 2013 should note that this is a completely new film. Co-financed by the Mémorial de Caen and the Région Basse-Normandie, the film was produced by the same team that was responsible for "Apocalypse, la 2e Guerre mondiale", the highly accredited French documentary series.

Inside the large circular theatre, whilst unable to sit down, visitors are able to rest against waist-high metal rails position around the auditorium. The film is displayed across nine large screens which cover the circumference of the theatre, and as the title suggest it conveys the one hundred days of the Normandy campaign using archive and some contemporary footage. Sometimes it's difficult to know where best to look, but it certainly is a worthwhile experience and a great place to start your Normandy tour. It should be noted that this is not a documentary, and whilst giving an immersive and sometimes moving glimpse at the events of the period, its educational value is limited.

Before leaving the Cinema, a visit to the shop is a must. It is one of the best we've found in Normandy with a wide assortment of books and DVDs as well as other souvenirs and trinkets. Once outside, you should take some time to wonder around the cliff top. There are remains of a German radar station nearby, along with an elevated viewing platform offering fabulous views down onto the town of Arromanches and the remains of "Port Winston". In 2015 an installation of sections of Mulberry "Whale" floating roadway were installed just next to the Arromanches 360 site. You should definitely take a some time to look these over.

We decided to cap Arromanches 360's rating at 7/10 (Very Good) purely on the basis that it is not really comparable to the other D-Day museums in Normandy which are reviewed here.

Updated: July 2016

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