British: Saint-Manvieu

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St Manvieu War Cemetery is located on the D9 to the west of Caen. The entrance is reach via a short grass pathway on a slight upwards incline. There is a paved lay-by for parking but this can only accommodate a few cars at a time. The road is also quite busy with fast moving traffic.

Many of those interred at St Manvieu fell during the battles for Tilly-sur-Suelles and Operations Epsom and Jupiter. The cemetery also containers graves of some of those killed in the battle for Hill 112.

The cemetery contains 1,627 Commonwealth burials, 49 of them unidentified, along with 555 German graves.

A stretch of the D13 nearby - between Manvieu-Norrey and Fontenay-le-Pesnel - has a lovely strait, stretch of tree-lined road in the quintessentially French style.

Contact Details:

  • St Manvieu War Cemetery
  • Rue de la Guinguette
  • Saint-Manvieu-Norrey

  • N 49° 10.612   W 0° 30.898

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