British: Banneville-la-Campagne

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Ten kilometres east of Caen on the D675 between Troarn and Caen lies the village of Benneville-la-Campagne. The entrance to the cemetery is almost opposite the Renault garage and just beside an old ruined building. There are small lay-bys on both sides of the road for parking.

The cemetery is quite large and forms an elongated L-shape. The graves themselves are a short walk from the entrance through newly planted saplings which, once matured, will form a beautifully shaded path.

Amongst the 2,170 graves here are 140 unidentified remains and five Polish dead. Predominantly, those buried here fell during the battles around Caen, Operation Goodwood and battles of the Falaise Gap. Casualties range from 17 to 45 years of age. Among those buried in this cemetery are 6 who also had brothers who were killed elsewhere during the Second World War.

Contact Details:

  • Banneville-la-Campagne War Cemetery
  • Rue de Caen
  • Sannerville

  • N 49° 10.581 W 0° 13.812

  • N/A

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