Polish: Urville-Langannerie

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The only Polish war cemetery in Normandy, Urville-Langannerie is located just off the N158 near the small town of Grainville-Langannerie about half-way from Caen to Falaise. There is off-road parking available for cars and coaches just outside. It should also be noted that the gate to enter the Cemetery is very stiff as it rubs on the stone paving.

There are 696 graves at the cemetery, with most of the fallen having died during the capture of Caen and battle to close the Falaise gap. 615 of those interred here belonged to the 1st Armoured Division under Gen. Stanislaw Maczka. The remaining graves belong mainly to Free Polish forces who fell in other parts of France and were reinterred here.

The cemetery is dominated by a large V-shaped monument at the far end, upon which sits a large aluminium sculpture representing the Polish eagle. Upon many of the graves small tokens are left, including a considerable number of rosary beads. The Cemetery is maintained by the French Anciens Combattant veterans association.

When visiting Urville-Langannerie, it is worthwhile to remember that the Canadian Cemetery at Bretteville-sur-Laize is just 5km to the north along the N158.

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  • Urville-Langannerie Polish Cemetery
  • RN158
  • Urville

  • N 49° 01.403   W 0° 16.192

  • N/A

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