French: Nécropole Nationale des Gateys

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Located near the commune of Saint-Nicolas-des-Bois, the Nécropole nationale des Gateys lies on the D26 around 5km north of Alençon in the direction of Croix Médavy. It is poorly signposted and a bit tricky to find. There is ample car parking, but no other amenities.

The site was inaugurated in 1970, and contains the graves of 19 soldiers of the French 2nd Armoured Division who were killed in Battle of Alençon in August 1944. Their remains were moved from cemeteries in the surrounding communities. A black marble plaque is inscribed with the names of 69 soldiers from the 2nd DB (2nd French Armoured Division) who killed in the fighting for the liberation of the Orne department.

A few minutes' drive from the cemetery you will find "Valois" - an M4A2 Sherman which serves as a memorial to those who fought and died with the 2nd DB. The tank served with the 12th RCA / 2DB, and was knocked out by German gunfire on 13th August 1944.

If you are in the region then it is worth making a stop at Les Gateys. However, unless you have a particular interest in the engagements of the French 2nd DB or the battles around Alençon, for most people there may not be enough here to warrant making a special journey.

Contact Details:

  • Nécropole Nationale des Gateys
  • Les Gateys
  • 61250 Saint-Nicolas-des-Bois

  • N 48° 31.432   E 0° 03.795

  • N/A

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