German: Marigny

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The German cemetery at Marigny is located on the D341 on the outskirts of the town of La Chapelle-en-Juger which is just west of Saint-Lô. There is a decent amount of parking and there is a small visitor center with very clean toilettes. Entrance to the Cemetery is through a church-like building constructed from local schist. Just past the ornate metal entrance gate is an alcove with a religious mosaic.

Marigny has a very different feel to the other cemeteries in Normandy and has a far more somber atmosphere. An abundance of mature trees and the simple yellow flowers of St John's Wort which separate the rows of graves mean there is little colour. The graves are also marked by flat ceramic plates rather than headstones, so the groups of three ornamental crosses are really the most dominating characteristic when looking across the cemetery.

The Cemetery was opened by the Americans who wished to give their casulaties from Operation Cobra a decent burial. The American dead were later reinterred at the Saint-James and Colleville-sur-Mer cemeteries, and the cemetery was later given to the German government. As with the French and Allied Forces, many Germans had been hastily buried in field graves and small cemeteries dispersed across the Cotentin Peninsula. The remains of the German soldiers who died during the Battle of Normandy were exhumed and grouped in Marigny between 1959 and 1961. The youngest soldier buried at Marigny was not even 15 years old.

General Erich Marcks is among the soldiers buried at Marigny. Mortally wounded during the aerial bombardment of Saint-Lô, Marcks celebrated his 53rd birthday on 6th June. General Marcks was convinced the Allies would land at Normandy, contrary to the opinion of many in the Wehrmacht.

Contact Details:

  • Marigny War Cemetery
  • Rue du Cimetiére Allemand
  • 50570 La Chapelle-en-Juger

  • N 49° 06.774 W 1° 14.219

  • N/A

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