Canadian: Bény-sur-Mer

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Located near to Reviers 18km east of Bayeux and 4km south of Courseulles-sur-Mer, is the Canadian cemetery at Bény-sur-Mer. There is ample parking adjacent to the Cemetery. The village of Bény-sur-Mer is some 2km southeast of the cemetery.

Bény-sur-Mer War Cemetery is the resting place for 2,048 fallen soldiers who were primarily killed during the early stages of the Battle of Normandy. The graves contain soldiers from the Canadian 3rd Division and 15 Airmen killed in the Battle of Normandy. The cemetery also includes four British graves and one French grave. The French grave belongs to a French resistance soldier named R. Guenard who fought and died alongside the Canadians and who had no known relatives. His marker is a grey cross and is inscribed "Mort pour la France- 19-7-1944".

Because of confusion during the movement of remains from temporary cemeteries, the remains of one Canadian soldier were misplaced. His tombstone is set apart from the others and bears an inscription stating that it is known that his remains are in the Bény-sur-Mer. Bény-sur-Mer contains the remains of nine sets of brothers which is a record for a Second World War cemetery.

Contact Details:

  • Cimetière Canadien
  • Route de Reviers
  • 14470 Reviers

  • N 49° 18.135   W 0° 26.992

  • +33 2 31 37 46 80

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